OTC Highlights from the view of Pink Petro members

Discussion created by kimberly.wilson Advocate on May 4, 2016

OTC offers education, networking and so much more!  I had the pleasure of going to breakfast yesterday where GE presented some amazing content on innovation and much more.  I saw Heather Gillbanks, Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, Denise Sanders, Terry Stringer and so many others that are members of Pink Petro. 


Paula Waggoner-Aguilar and I had the opportunity to walk around the exhibits at OTC and take in the sites, new technologies, services, etc. that all make this industry amazing.  I got invited to a dinner last evening that really educated me on a portion of the international business climate for energy.


Today I will be involved in an event that takes place at 4 p.m. focused on careers with some of the most amazing peers. My topic is  Innovating Your Career When You Become Stagnant at the table I will be talking at.  Tracey Kearny will be talking about Success Stories and Cathryn Gabor will be discussing Rebranding Yourself. 


And of course Pink Petro supported the WISE event on Monday with Katie Mehnert being a part of the panel (please see the video posted in Field Trips discussing highlights from the discussion). 


I would love to hear from members on things they saw, learned or want to share.  I do know the audience is a lot lighter than previous years, but the education has not stagnated!