Continuing Education - MBA vs. MS

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Good afternoon Coaches Corner - I hope everyone's week is going well, the holiday weekend isn't too far off! I was hoping to get some advice on continuing education, as I am in the process of applying to couple of different graduate school programs and keep running into some indecision.


First, a little background. I have a B.A. in Communications and began my career at a communications and public relations firm in Austin where I got my first taste of the energy industry. About 10 months ago, I decided to move to Houston to further my career in energy. I currently work for a consulting firm that specializes in crisis and emergency management, with deep ties to the industry. In spite of the downturn and the dispiriting sentiment of the city, I want to continue forging a path for myself and learn everything I can about this industry. I'm in the process of applying to graduate programs at the University of Houston and keep going back and forth between two programs. As far as future opportunities and career development, I would greatly appreciate any insight into the value of either degree!


MBA — Obviously, the MBA is a more generalized degree. However, U of H offers a customization element where I could take electives that focus on the energy business (finance, strategy, value creation, etc.) for an MBA with an Energy certificate.


MS in Global Energy Management — This is very new program at the university and the curriculum is strictly energy-focused but still covers a wide range of business functions (finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, strategy, etc.).


While an MBA has a potentially greater return on investment given its versatility - would it be considered more valuable to an employer than a focused master's degree? I'm very intrigued and excited about the MS GEM program, however, I want to make the right investment with not only my money, but time as well. I read this interesting article in the Harvard Business Review today about Generalists Vs. Specialists, would to hear some thoughts/challenges on that as well!


Generalists Get Better Job Offers Than Specialists - Harvard Business Review


Have a fantastic memorial weekend and thank you to all who have served or are currently serving!