Moments that Matter

Discussion created by ssheppard001 on Jun 17, 2016

At Deloitte we call them "Moments that Matter."  Simply put, they are moments that deserve thanks or recognition.  Yesterday, I had someone tell me thank you for being here.  I really appreciate the work you are doing and the way you are leading your team.  I was a bit taken aback.  Not because I'm not good at accepting compliments, but because it has been a really long time since I've received one.  And that made me realize how little we do encourage each other and the people we work with.  My initial reaction after hearing "I appreciate you" was motivation.  Motivation to do more and to do better.   Take the time to encourage each other and when there is a "moment that matters", recognize it.  Say thank you or I appreciate your hard work.  Based on my recent experience, it goes a long way.