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How can I use Pink Petro more effectively?

Question asked by alspaz12 on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by katie.mehnert

I've been a member of Pink Petro for a few months now but mostly lurking, reading posts, occasionally commenting or liking posts. I'd really like to use this platform more effectively for networking, mentorship, and professional development. I was laid off in the industry downturn, as was my husband. One of us needed to have a job, and luckily we both got jobs, but working on oil and gas projects with a state geological survey. Because of that, we are no longer in Houston. I would like to one day get back into the private sector, and I see this community as a great way to stay involved with the industry. How can I use Pink Petro more effectively to support my career goals, and in turn, how can I be more involved or better support Pink Petro?