What does Running on Empty look like for you?

Discussion created by shelley.pernot Champion on Sep 22, 2016
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Hi PP members, I could really use your help to design the cover of my new book, Running on Empty: The Irreverent Guru's Guide to Filling up with Mindfulness, which is launching next March.


A brief synopsis of the book:

Mindfulness. Schmindfulness. It’s everyone’s favorite buzzword these days. But what does it really mean for us non-monks who don’t have the luxury of a serene home and a fancy meditation mat? How can we ordinary folks apply mindfulness to our overscheduled, over-stuffed lives? And why would we even want to?

Running on Empty is business coach/trainer Shelley Pernot’s irreverent take on the sometimes convoluted world of mindfulness. Written for the professional struggling with work/life balance or wondering if this is all there is, Running on Empty takes a practical and provocative stance that busts through the myths about mindfulness.
• Discover the one little sentence that can change your life
• Liberate yourself from judgment once and for all
• Transform technology from mindless foe to mindful friend


So here is the ask, the book is geared at women who feel like they are running on empty, either because they're busy trying to do it all or are feeling a sense of emptiness due to lack of purpose and meaning in their life.  I'd love your feedback on the cover concept - which is attached.  Does this image speak to you?  What would you add to the image?  What would you delete?  Would this image entice you to pick up a copy?  Does it capture the essence of running on empty from your perspective?