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Transforming Talent Acquisition for the Digital Age

Question asked by sara.marchionda on Dec 2, 2016
What are you doing to transform your talent acquisition efforts for the digital age?

"In order to attract today's candidates, your entire recruitment process needs to be quick, convenient and engaging."

4 Important things to keep in mind, per the Recruiting Trends article:

1. Focus on the candidate experience. Engage the candidate, create a streamlined process and provide the right mobile access channels.

2. Ensure you have the right "digital backbone" to support your talent acquisition strategy. Educate yourself on the various talent acquisition technologies available in the market. Create an integrated technology strategy that is not just a set of individual, disparate technologies but that provides a cohesive framework for how they all work together to create a seamless approach.

3. Create a holistic model that not only leverages talent acquisition technologies but redefines how you deliver services. Transforming the talent acquisition function should take into account how resources will be aligned, how roles will be structured, what specialized skillsets are required and how hiring managers will interact with candidates.

4. Leverage talent analytics to create actionable insights. Develop a strategy for analytics, starting with a few high-priority areas. Begin by understanding what your best performers look like, where they are and what attracts them. Use available labor market tools, sourcing analytics, recruitment marketing and candidate-relationship management technologies to attract, capture and nurture the right talent.

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