Creating Yourself

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How have you created yourself?





If you are unhappy or unsure of where you want to be, you need to expose yourself to the possibilities. Take some time to put yourself in vulnerable situations, do something new, meet new people, learn from others' experiences, and just learn to say yes. Yes to trying new things. If you need examples of how to put yourself out there, just ask in the comments section and I'd be happy to relay what has worked for me and others I know. If you already know what you want to be, you're a third of the way there.


Once you've determined what you want to create for yourself, focus your energies. Begin to trim off some of those things you said yes to that don't contribute to your end goal. It is still important to be out there with your eyes open because you'll need to continue to grow, but now you can do it in a focused manner. Identify your end goal and draw a road map; then just start working your way there hitting the key objectives you've identified.



Be the person you want to be and be that person with confidence. Others will begin to recognize you for how you want to be seen. Become a resource for what you have learned and surround yourself with those that can teach you. Keep working hard, keep helping people, and it will happen.

Now, I intentionally didn't say "3 easy steps." This process takes time, work, and tenacity. At times, you may feel vulnerable, but overcoming vulnerability is a great testament to your courage. So go find what it is you want to do, and create yourself.


Ben Larson NextImpression


This is one of my favorite inspirational quotes of all time. I love how it reinforces the notion that we are in control of our destiny. This has been a huge inspiration in creating NextImpression and everything else I have  been involved in over the past couple years. Although, I must admit, sometimes you need to find what it is that you want to create. Perhaps life is about finding the VISION of yourself, and then creating it. Here are the three steps I took towards creating myself: