Pink Petro TV: The Perfect Storm: Managing Political Risk in Energy

Video created by katie.mehnert Champion on Jul 31, 2016
    Original broadcast date: Thursday June 23, 2016. This was a live broadcast across the globe with a live audience in Denver and participants brought in via Pink Petro TV in Washington DC and Houston. Hosted by Dave Gardy, TV Worldwide and Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro.

    Energy companies have had a tough time over the past year trying to weather the storm of falling commodity prices. But the political and financial winds are creating a perfect storm raising more “above ground” problems at a time when we're going through massive change.
    Jim Marchiori, with the University of Colorado Denver GEMS Program, Michael Flaherty with Halliburton and Brian Miller with Noble Energy talk about how to manage political risk we face as we enter the dawn of a new era in energy.