Pink Petro TV: Office Hours | Not All Development is Created Equal

Video created by katie.mehnert Champion on Aug 26, 2016

    Original Broadcast Date:  August 26, 2016

    Live from Washington DC, Pink Petro TV Studios

    • David Gardy, Host
    • Katie Mehnert, Co-Host
    • Susan Hodge, Women Leading Together
    • Gloria Feldt, Take The Lead Women, Inc. 
    • April Sharr, Founder 


    Everyone is busy.  The world moves at a crazy pace. Developing, staying relevant (and maintaining a life) is HARD work.  We're Pink Petro and we're trying to change the face of development for busy people.  

    What are office hours?

    Office hours are for busy people -- time starved women, men and organizations that need quick hits of development. Come by and hear more from our coaching faculty, Gloria Feldt and Susan Hodge about the differences, ask your questions and hear more about the Pink Petro coaching, mentoring and leadership development programs coming your way!  You'll also meet our new mentoring program leader, April Sharr and learn more about how we'll be using her method and our technology to connect and mentor members in energy across the world.

    Pink Petro is a global community.  We unite, connect, develop and grow women in energy across the globe.  Our mission is to support the modern professional woman (and the men who support her) in an on-demand economy that gives busy people and organizations options.  The world is changing and you need to stay relevant.  Pink Petro is the resource that keeps you connected, engaged, learning and growing as a professional.