PInk Petro TV: Gary the Go Cart Oil & Gas Children's Book Takes Off

Video created by katie.mehnert Champion on Sep 6, 2016

    I got to catch up with member Barbara Brandl Denson tonight.  She just got a massive book order.  Read more about her and this innovative idea in her feature story Triple Threat Featurette: Barbara Brandl Denson and Gary the Go-Cart or watch the clip above.  Thanks to Russ Capper for his magical edits!


    Stay tuned.  We plan to have Barbara and Gary come on live stream from Facebook in the next several weeks.  


    To learn more about the book, check it out on Amazon.  

  Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows (9780997588309): B B Denson, Sidnei R Marques: Books 


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