HERWorld17 Welcome Keynote Session with Sami Murphy, Fueling Us Forward and Katie Mehnert

Video created by Pink Petro Staff on Mar 12, 2017

    Original Broadcast date: March 8 2017 at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University


    • Opening Video: This Moment by Fueling US Forward
    • Opening Musical Act: Sami Murphy with her original song "Energy"
    • Opening Keynote: Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of Pink Petro the newly launched Experience Energy Careers platform. www.experience.energy


    A year ago, we launched our inaugural forum and first birthday facing $20-ish oil. Hundreds of thousands of our colleagues were being laid off; some still aren’t fully back to work and many have moved on. 2016 was tough for industry and our world, but our people are resilient and we’ve weathered the storm.


    And while commodity prices are stabilizing, the evidence of dramatic change and reality of uncertainty is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. The energy industry, like so many industries we serve, is entering the dawn of a new era.


    Often misunderstood, our work powers man and womankind. And I believe women bring a unique perspective to the table, plant, classroom and beyond. Pink PetroTM is proud to be the inclusive global community that brings all kinds of talent together to drive a diverse workforce and supply chain while changing the energy narrative. Isn’t it about time?

    This year’s forum theme is: The Next Era of Energy: Lean In, All In, Join In. Today you’ll hear from unique experts who will address new frontiers where business, workforce, innovation and geo-policy intersect. And you won’t be alone: we have 25 cities joining us worldwide via social and streaming technology.


    I want to thank Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business, Shell and KPMG for their global sponsorship and for bringing innovative and inclusive learning to you. I also thank our other sponsors, my staff, our executive advisory board, and the countless colleagues who have helped us get to where we are today.


    Named by Forbes Magazine as 1 of 7 Places Women Can Access Industry Insiders and Ellevate Network’s “Disruptors”, Pink Petro is just getting started.


    Today, on our 2nd anniversary of our successful initial launch, I am proud to bring to you, Experience EnergySM, a careers platform powered by Pink Petro. Our aim is to power our planet and create an energy workforce that includes diverse people which drive exceptional results. Experience Energy will fuel us forward into the new era: our era.


    I’d ask you to lean in, all in, and join in.  Experience energy in a new and different way.


    Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO